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Wayne Jordan (Cheraw, SC) 

Wayne brings a unique gift to 2nd Chance Ministries. With 26 years of Law Enforcement under his belt, he takes the group where they need to go. He is the one who drives the bus. He also offers a bit of security for the group and helps with equipment. Wayne is talented in music and sings as well. He loves the Lord and traveling for him.


Wayne credits his success to God and his parents, Otis and Mary Jordan, for encuoraging him everyday to seek God's will for his life and to press forward with His work.




Randy "Booger" Stubbs (Rockingham, NC) 

Randy handles the bookings for 2CM. Randy loves music and ministry. He does alot of the group  promotion through social media. Randy also loves working with youth in the band at his home school, Richmond High School. He also plays the drums every chance he gets. 


Randy surely has a call on his life to do this task before him. Randy credits his success and love for music to his dad who raised him in church and introduced him to a set of drums.

  September 2020  
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